Meet the Muses



Generous Muse is a fully accredited, travel agency devoted to helping people experience the joy and personal growth that comes through exploring our world.  The Muses inspire romantic travel for people in love with life.  Our Services include:

  • Destination Weddings
  • Honeymoons
  • General Travel

So, if you are inspired, pack your bags, grab your bad-ass walking stick, don your magic hat, and get ready for adventure!


The Muses work hard to:

  • Plan extraordinary experiences
  • Provide superior customer service; and,
  • Respect our client’s budgetary needs.


Carrie Christoph is the Founding Muse.  She is a super-nerdy* world traveler, who is in love with love.  She comes from a traveling family, and in college, participated in three separate study abroad programs.  She adores learning about new cultures and meeting new people.  She cares deeply about the countries to which she sends her clients.  She has the research skills to find the best possible itinerary and negotiation skills to get the best possible deal.


  • True Fact: Carrie excels in trivia. Carrie and Josh, the Deputy Muse met in college, as overnight computer lab monitors, who played the same online trivia game.
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