Today is National Cliché Day

For destination weddings, what could be more enjoyably cliché than the Las Vegas Elopement?

Since the early 1900’s Clark County Nevada was one of the easiest places to get married in America.  The Clark County Clerk’s office has an interesting website on the history of this:   (1)  To this day, it is possible to complete most of the Clark County marriage license paperwork online, and have it processed in less than an hour.


For this reason, most of the hotels and casinos of Las Vegas offer wedding packages.  These packages range from free to thousands of dollars, depending on the dreams of the couple and the size of their entourage.  These packages run from traditional chapel weddings, outdoor weddings at national parks, aquarium weddings, and of course, the cliché Elvis wedding.



If you are interested, contact the Generous Muses to start planning.


(1) Not incidentally, Reno was one of the easiest places to get divorced. This website has an entire history of Reno divorces, including a list of famous people who took up a six-week residency in Reno to obtain a divorce, as well as a list of movies in which this is a plot point.


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